Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Hi All,

This week on my work desk is a 2 page scrapbook layout I've started.  I'm actually CASEing a spread from a kit that I did earlier this year.  I liked the layout and am happy with the way it's taking shape. I still have to ink, tape everything down, add bling and find some embellishments to go with.  I didn't start out with these papers in mind. I had another print I was trying to match and came across the floral printed paper and one thing led to know how it goes!  I will post the finished project, well, when it's finished...LOL!

Also on my desk are a couple of papers I've grouped to do for my granddaughter's first birthday photo's.  They are from DCWV Fiesta pack which I picked up at Old Time Pottery for a song.  I will get started on that project as soon as I finish the current one.

My Fun Stampers Journey catalog is there.  I've been marking pages and pages of things I want.  I want to win the lottery too if anyone is listening!  There's my tangerine Fiesta mug from my dad.  Fiesta paper, Fiesta mug....I think I hear margarita's in the blender calling my name!  My ATG gun, some bling and a FSJ die.

For now...thanks for stopping by!
Until later...
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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Out from the old, into the new Job!

Hi All,

I started a new job as my former employer decided to relocate to their manufacturing plant some 35 miles from home.  The nerve of them...they didn't even ask for my opinion. Even so, I was offered the position in International Sales.  I was excited!  I had dreams of traveling to exotic far away places, enjoying leisure time exploring the world. Umm...reality check here. I knew it was a desk job but just maybe one of our customers would insist I come visit and offer me an all expenses paid trip.  A girl can dream!

The new old place, well it was 30 miles further, one way.  Yes, the easiest way to get there was the toll road, flying cars have still not been invented yet.  Of course there would be an increase in gas consumption but gas has gotten cheaper and I would fill ups on the cheapest day of the week.  Can someone tell me which one that is again?  The wear and tear on my car would force me, ok make me think about a new vehicle. I was well aware of the fact that I would be in my car for over an hour a day, not 20 minutes, but I could mentally plan so many things and sing, I mean screech along to the whole CD not just one song.

When HR called me and finally offered me the job, I was all set to pack my desk until....wait a minute?  What was that they said?  The increase in pay was how much?  I was shocked, so much so that my hair turned grey.  Oh wait, it already is.  Why the increase wouldn't cover my gas cost for 6 months, let alone a year.  I would have to give up 195 hours of my life to drive to and fro, and the worst was I would have to pay extra taxes. Really?!!

I didn't waste any time and found something new. The company's been around over 100 years.  I sure hope they stick around for another 100 but I'd settle for at least 15.  Needless to say I've been cramming new info into this brain at a crazy pace.  I learned so much that I think they are going to promote me next week, maybe to I said a girl can dream!

Until later,
Make today so AWESOME that yesterday gets jealous!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Hi All,

I've finally took a pic of my workdesk to share with you!

Where do I begin!!  On the left is the Paper Lace Cricut cartridge I borrowed from my dear friend June.  Guess what....I haven't used it yet, but it's been on my work desk for about 2 months. 

Behind my task lamp is 1/2 of my Spectrum Noir markers. I love these, they fill in well, blend well and have such good saturation.  I just need to get more racks to store them. 

In front of the lamp is a stack of cardstock from my scraps that are cut to A2 size.  In the bins are the other scraps I cut to different sizes...6x6, 5x7 and so on.  I am trying to use my scraps before cutting up more cardstock for projects.  I just got my Gift Card Sleeve Die from Fun Stampers Journey....yeah!  I WILL be using this with my cardstock scraps and now I can get started on my Christmas gifts.

There is a stack of paper I've been playing with and last but not least is a artist canvas I covered with paper from the Vintage Paris paper pack from Fun Stampers Journey. (sorry it's been discontinued). You can't see them, but I've punched holes to attached 5x7 paper with that will be scrapped with pics of my granddaughters. 

Thanks for looking at my workdesk today!

Remember....Don't be average, be AWESOME!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Monday Morning Musings

Hi All,

Happy Monday to you!

I had a great weekend.  Friday was Mom's 78th so we stopped by with a cake for her.  I made another paper purse (see the one I made for sis in law) but this one was filled with cards I created as well as postage stamps.  I gave her a wide variety because I know she will use them!  (Please don't spill the beans, but I've made my mom in law one as well!)

Saturday was at a crop with my gal friends!  It's been awhile...if 2 months count as awhile...since we've been together to scrap.  It was good seeing them & a very productive day for me.  We ended up the afternoon talking about preparing for our fall crops in October.  Yes I know, that's still a couple months away, but I'm already packing pages to complete, kits to make and looking at pictures for inspiration.

Sunday was the usual...get the shopping, cleaning and cooking for the week done. Hubby & I accomplished this in a relaxed manner instead of the usual hustle. 

I've been working on weekday themes to post.  I've got a few but still need 2 more.  Hope to have my ideas together by Wednesday this week.  I'll be doing more posts, more techniques and have way more completed projects to share.

Until then...


Friday, July 8, 2016

Bloom Box July 2016

Check out the July Bloom Box by Fun Stampers Journey!!

Look at these amazing cards, so fresh and new!  Check out Richard's video below for his take on this fabulous kit.  Don't wait to order yours.....www.funstampersjourney/814771 





Storage Ideas

Hi All,

At the beginning of the year I said I would be cleaning out a drawer at a time.  Well it's been ages since I last posted about my progress.  Since then I've totally cleaned out my kitchen and my bathroom.  Of course I had to clean the kitchen out. Everything had to be moved someplace because after 18 years I finally got a new kitchen!  I couldn't be happier, it's everything I dreamed of.  Still small and square, but the cupboards reach to the ceiling, the backsplash is shiny and bright and the end result...just beautiful!  I'm being very selective about what goes back in as there are many things we had we just don't need or use so they will be donated to charity.  We learned to live without for the 7 weeks of construction we endured.  It definitely changed the way I think about having "things".

With that being said, I've been purging my scrapbook supplies.  What I am not loving anymore or can't find a use for will be taken to a crop for the "Garage Sale" table.  If I can't sell it I will put it on the next crop's free table and anything that's left will get donated to charity, with the wok that I had to have and don't use!

While I was cleaning, I was looking for a place to store my stamp sets from Fun Stampers Journey.  Since becoming a Journey Coach at the beginning of the year, I have started to collect some new stamp sets with lots of new steel dies.  I love the packaging because I can sort everything in a stand up position, which in my mind saves space. I had a small CD rack that was going in the donation box until it hit me, I could use it for stamps and dies.  Here's how I'm now using it. 
Also showing is the small rod hanging by cup hooks that my Fun Stampers Journey Splashes are hanging on and my Keruig K-Cup drawer holder for all my glitter and embossing powders. My Big Shot fits perfectly on top of it.  

Let me know what you think of my CD storage! I'll post more of my craft room soon.
Until then...

Friday, July 1, 2016

Hi All,

Happy Friday to you!

I'm so excited today...New Colors, New Stamps, New Dies....Oh my!!!!!  

The new Fun Stampers Journey catalog is available for you to see!  From the first page to the last you will be AMAZED!  There are so many new and exciting items. I can't seem to put mine down.  You may even find me hiding under the covers with a flashlight late in the night so I don't hubby up.  My Christmas wish list is already started, I mean after all, it' Christmas in July isn't it?!

I can't wait to share it with you. Click the link below to be taken right to the catalog.  When your ready to order click here 

Fun Stampers Journey 2016-2017 Catalog

Our new colors are a rainbow of STUNNING!  Cosmic Grape, Electric Lime, Outrageous Pink, Turbo Teal, Sour Lemon & Orange Rave. It won't be easy to pick a favorite!

Along with all the new stamps are new steel dies & stamp bundles.

Look to page 234 and beyond for the Journey Days collection of albums, inserts and accessories. An AMAZING way to scrap your memories!

There are plenty of new Steel Dies to look at starting on page 250.

Check out the Pan Pastels on page 280, another new product offering. Fabulous for backgrounds, masking, stencils. Beautiful color offerings!

For those of you who like to keep your supplies organized look at pages 270-272 and check out the retro storage the black & white ones! The craft tote promises to have plenty of room for supplies, inks, markers, name it. And I can't wait to get my new Clear Block case. My blocks are just thrown in a drawer, now they will be nice and neat!

There are so many great items in this catalog.  I bet you can't put it down!

Have a super fun crafty and create on!