Monday, July 11, 2016

Monday Morning Musings

Hi All,

Happy Monday to you!

I had a great weekend.  Friday was Mom's 78th so we stopped by with a cake for her.  I made another paper purse (see the one I made for sis in law) but this one was filled with cards I created as well as postage stamps.  I gave her a wide variety because I know she will use them!  (Please don't spill the beans, but I've made my mom in law one as well!)

Saturday was at a crop with my gal friends!  It's been awhile...if 2 months count as awhile...since we've been together to scrap.  It was good seeing them & a very productive day for me.  We ended up the afternoon talking about preparing for our fall crops in October.  Yes I know, that's still a couple months away, but I'm already packing pages to complete, kits to make and looking at pictures for inspiration.

Sunday was the usual...get the shopping, cleaning and cooking for the week done. Hubby & I accomplished this in a relaxed manner instead of the usual hustle. 

I've been working on weekday themes to post.  I've got a few but still need 2 more.  Hope to have my ideas together by Wednesday this week.  I'll be doing more posts, more techniques and have way more completed projects to share.

Until then...


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