Saturday, September 10, 2016

Field of Hope--Flowers are in Bloom!

Hi All,

I'd like to share a very moving moment I had today.  I went to the the Field of Hope with a dear, dear friend of mine today.  After getting a little lost, June & I finally made it to the Field of Hope.  I must say I didn't know what to expect....breathtaking was the only word I could summon.

The field commemorates the memory of Maria McNamara who passed at the age of 7 from a terminal brain cancer.  The field started as a small planting of sunflowers in 2014 to draw attention to the lack of funding for childhood cancer.  The field is visible from one of our highways.  It has grown to over to over 50 acres of flowers and has raised hundreds of thousands for research into this overlooked field.  

This was a very special day indeed!
It was getting ready to storm but that only made the colors pop more.

They look like they are praying.
Just one little one holding it's head up so proudly.

Until later....