Friday, September 11, 2015

Mama's Proud

I was thinking about my 3 children today, 2 girls and a boy. All are adults now and just like I did, they are going thru the ups and downs that life has thrown their way. I wish I was telepathic. Maybe I could have changed persuaded them to change their minds about doing things that might create hardship for them in the future. I wish I was the "Great and Powerful Oz" and was able to given them a heart that would never know heartache. I wish I had a fortune that they would always have life's essentials and never run out.

Alas, I am not the "Powerful Oz" and I don't have an money tree in my yard. kids...they're all right. They have taken some hard knocks and have learned to rebound a better person. They have each other's backs when needed. They are not afraid to call each other out if one steps out of line. They laugh at each other as well as together. They share ups and downs, sometimes only thru me. My kids...I am proud of each one of them. Proud of the separate person each one has become and prouder still that they remain close. When I'm gone, I will go knowing they are there for each other.....always!