Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Little Car Trouble...

Hi All,

Last week my DH pulled in the drive, rushed in the house and told me his car was on fire. Really?  He runs in, blurts that out, then goes outside in no hurry at all.  Hello, do I need to call the fire department?  I trudge outside just in time to see him throw down the garden hose.  Now a couple things come to mind immediately.   First...what was on fire? it out? much damage is there?  And last...if the fire didn't ruin the engine, surely the water would.

The car is smoldering and smoking by the battery compartment so I ran in and got the flour.  I tried to toss it where I could see the red glow, without much success.  Have you every tried to throw flour on the side of something.  Unless it's wet it won't work especially under the hood of a car.  I must have mumble out out loud about buying a new fire extinguisher.  I didn't finish the thought before DH runs in to grab the one we do have. The one that is at least 18 years old.  The same one that was in the kitchen for 18 years and has been relegated to the basement since the kitchen remodel several months ago. I can't imagine it works.

I wish I had a camera handy when DH came running out with the extinguisher, trying to pull the pin while reading the instructions at the same time!  Typical of him to try to multi task...LOL!   He finally pulled out the pin then blasted the car creating a huge cloud of extinguisher stuff around the car which of course billowed my way.  Now I had flour and yellow extinguisher stuff on me, the car and my drive.

After the cloud settled we could still see a little glow from the car but no smoke.  We were in good shape. Our quick thinking and household supplies would make any fireman proud.  Just one teensie little thing...the windows were stuck in the down position and storms were expected.  Um, honey, did you not think to roll up the windows when you pulled in the drive with the car on fire!  Fortunatley I had to put the car in gear to to push it down the drive so we could have it towed. As I turned the key, the power came on just long enough to roll up the windows.  That was the last hurrah as the car finally gave up it's last little sliver of power.

Now that all is said and done I just have to laugh.  That was until we went car shopping....and sticker shock set in.

I'll save that for another post.

Until then,
Stay creative and let your sparkle shine!

WOYWW What a Week!

Hi All,

Another week surely has blown by with the speed of light.  The older I get...well, I just get older!  Oh yeah and time goes by quicker.  

I was under the impression that when you reach the age that your children are gown with kids of their own that one would have tons and tons of free time.  Seriously?  I must have been dreaming as I am busier now that I have ever been in my life. I can't quite figure out what I do that makes me so busy.  

With that said,let me share my what's on my craft desk this week.

This table is to my left.  I was matching some photos to some pages I had previously made.  You can see my computer, my Spectrum Noir markers and the basket has some sample card ideas I've been playing with.

This is my main table.  My SU cutter and my ATG gun are front & center.  To the left I have a plastic keeper filled with small diecuts and small scraps that I put together when I need an embellishment.  I'll post some of those at a later date.  The pink basket on the right has some little things I need to find a spot for.  In the center is a layout I made about a month ago. I finally found a pic for it.

Here it is up close.  I need to add journaling to it yet.  This is my granddaughter Belle at her first birthday party.  Her blue eyes are stunning in person.

Thanks for peeking in at my blog!  I can't wait to see what everyone else is up to this week.

Until next time....Let your sparkle brighten up the day!