Wednesday, November 30, 2016

WOYWW #391--Missing craft time

Hi All,

The past couple weeks have gone buy in such a hurry.  I think I might have seen a Tuesday or a Wednesday go by.  I waived as the last couple of Fridays and Saturdays sped past me. So sad to say it's all been a blue and I've not been crafting like I want to.

This is WOYWW #391. If you've questioned what WOYWW is, click on over to Julia's Stamping Ground to learn more.  Don't forget to post a warm hello to Julia and check out all the other lovely artists that join in!

I have nothing much to post this week, just a messy craft area. Haven't done much in the way of crafting for a couple weeks now.  Been having a huge problem with my left hand. I can't seem to grab anything.  Couldn't open a bag of chips, a jar of pickles and had to ask my DH to tie my shoe.  I'm off to the doctor in a few days to check it out.  Not just my hand by my foot is weird.  I have tendinitis between my big toe and second toe according to the foot doctor.  Every time I take a step it feels like a piece of material is brushing the top of my foot.  The doc said it like plucking a guitar string.  Oh the perils of getting old, I mean middle aged!

Sorry no desk shot today.  Please enjoy the layouts below.  I made them earlier this year.

Here's a couple layouts I made with some found papers and embellishments.  The corners are the SU arrow punch turned on an angle.

 I love the color combo...very fun!
Sorry the second pic is so blurry.
More found paper and embellishments.
All I need are pictures!

Until next time...remember....
It's always a good moment for a spontaneous dance party!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

WOYWW # 389--I've missed you!

Hi All,

Oh how I've missed you...each and every one of you.  I've missed visiting your blogs, posting comments, seeing what everyone has been up to!  Please stop by Julia's Stamping Ground where you can find out what WOYWW is.  Make sure to say hello to all the creative artists.  Maybe next week you will join us!

As for me, it's been (sing to the tune of  The 12 days of Christmas)....4 scrapping crops, 3 family birthdays, 2 mom's to visit and a brand new dishwasher!  Things have off the hook the last 4 week.
I did get quite a bit done at my crops but don't have any pics to post yet.  My son & lovely daughter in law both celebrated birthdays towards the end of October as did my little sister.  DH and I decided to spend some much needed time with our moms.  We were both feeling a little neglectful of them.

To top off my last few weeks, I finally received my new dishwasher on Friday....cue the angels singing here!   Bought one mid April but it never cleaned a dish. Oh it got them wet, but that was all it did.  It was awful.  Kripes, it didn't even clean coffee from a cup. Every major component was replaced in the thing.  After 12 weeks I mustered the nerve and gave them an ultimatum.  I guess the believed me as they are sending a check. Needless to say, we purchased another brand and it is cleaning those dishes spic & span.

Here's my craft room today. I've unloaded from my crops but that's about all.  There is stuff everywhere. After Thanksgiving I may give it a cleaning!

Hugs to everyone!  I'm looking forward to stopping in to see you all.
Until next week,
Keep Sparkly!