Friday, July 8, 2016

Storage Ideas

Hi All,

At the beginning of the year I said I would be cleaning out a drawer at a time.  Well it's been ages since I last posted about my progress.  Since then I've totally cleaned out my kitchen and my bathroom.  Of course I had to clean the kitchen out. Everything had to be moved someplace because after 18 years I finally got a new kitchen!  I couldn't be happier, it's everything I dreamed of.  Still small and square, but the cupboards reach to the ceiling, the backsplash is shiny and bright and the end result...just beautiful!  I'm being very selective about what goes back in as there are many things we had we just don't need or use so they will be donated to charity.  We learned to live without for the 7 weeks of construction we endured.  It definitely changed the way I think about having "things".

With that being said, I've been purging my scrapbook supplies.  What I am not loving anymore or can't find a use for will be taken to a crop for the "Garage Sale" table.  If I can't sell it I will put it on the next crop's free table and anything that's left will get donated to charity, with the wok that I had to have and don't use!

While I was cleaning, I was looking for a place to store my stamp sets from Fun Stampers Journey.  Since becoming a Journey Coach at the beginning of the year, I have started to collect some new stamp sets with lots of new steel dies.  I love the packaging because I can sort everything in a stand up position, which in my mind saves space. I had a small CD rack that was going in the donation box until it hit me, I could use it for stamps and dies.  Here's how I'm now using it. 
Also showing is the small rod hanging by cup hooks that my Fun Stampers Journey Splashes are hanging on and my Keruig K-Cup drawer holder for all my glitter and embossing powders. My Big Shot fits perfectly on top of it.  

Let me know what you think of my CD storage! I'll post more of my craft room soon.
Until then...


  1. Your storage is cute but what happens when you get more stamps? LOL! Love how you hang the Splashes and the border wallpaper is cute!

  2. I guess I'll have to buy a CD tower...LOL!
    I have more stamps but they are in a drawer. These are my newer ones.
    The border is about 8 years old now. Keep thinking of changing it but I like the way it separates the ceiling and wall since my scrap room is in the dormer.