Sunday, July 24, 2016

Out from the old, into the new Job!

Hi All,

I started a new job as my former employer decided to relocate to their manufacturing plant some 35 miles from home.  The nerve of them...they didn't even ask for my opinion. Even so, I was offered the position in International Sales.  I was excited!  I had dreams of traveling to exotic far away places, enjoying leisure time exploring the world. Umm...reality check here. I knew it was a desk job but just maybe one of our customers would insist I come visit and offer me an all expenses paid trip.  A girl can dream!

The new old place, well it was 30 miles further, one way.  Yes, the easiest way to get there was the toll road, flying cars have still not been invented yet.  Of course there would be an increase in gas consumption but gas has gotten cheaper and I would fill ups on the cheapest day of the week.  Can someone tell me which one that is again?  The wear and tear on my car would force me, ok make me think about a new vehicle. I was well aware of the fact that I would be in my car for over an hour a day, not 20 minutes, but I could mentally plan so many things and sing, I mean screech along to the whole CD not just one song.

When HR called me and finally offered me the job, I was all set to pack my desk until....wait a minute?  What was that they said?  The increase in pay was how much?  I was shocked, so much so that my hair turned grey.  Oh wait, it already is.  Why the increase wouldn't cover my gas cost for 6 months, let alone a year.  I would have to give up 195 hours of my life to drive to and fro, and the worst was I would have to pay extra taxes. Really?!!

I didn't waste any time and found something new. The company's been around over 100 years.  I sure hope they stick around for another 100 but I'd settle for at least 15.  Needless to say I've been cramming new info into this brain at a crazy pace.  I learned so much that I think they are going to promote me next week, maybe to I said a girl can dream!

Until later,
Make today so AWESOME that yesterday gets jealous!

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