Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday Musings

Hi All,

I think Monday is the most dreaded day of the week.  For most of us, after 2 days of rest & relaxation, it's back to work, the kids go back to school.  It's trying to find how to squeeze another hour in a day, contemplating dinners for the week.  Planning for all the errands that will undoubtedly, at least for me, fall on the very next weekend of which I should be resting and relaxing!  Somebody stop this merry-go-round will ya!  Maybe I will win the $ 1.4 billion dollar lottery.  If I do, I want it all in $20's.  Easier to spend in small bills...LOL!

While I'm dreaming of fortune and fame, please enjoy the next 2 page spread that I have done.  A friend gave me this paper at a crop and told me to make something out of it.  Well Ms. you go!  Hope you like it.


 for some strange reason my close up pics are importing upside down...LOL!  Just a cute travel page.  Very masculine in color.  Notice the split picture in the middle.  Don't be afraid to split pictures into two pages.  Gives the layout some depth and interest.  The light brown is actually corrugated paper.  I crumpled the "Sightsee" word and inked it.  Adds some interest to an otherwise flat surface.

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