Thursday, January 14, 2016

So Far Behind!

Hi All,

Wow...Thursday, already?!  Sometime I wonder if my days were really longer, if I would accomplish all that I want to.  Or will I just be that much farther behind?! 

I'm still making progress in cleaning out a drawer, closet, cupboard or any other hiding spot.  I did clean out 2 drawers at work this week.  Does that count?  I really have cleaned out two more spaces in the house.  One drawer in spare bedroom and one drawer in my craft room.  I figure at this rate I will be done by the end of the year!

I also did another 4 scrapbook pages as well as a Valentine card kit for a friend.  Next on the list is a Congratulations card for a paper crafting group I am in. I've been with this group for I think 7 or 8 years now.  We are a small group, scattered all over the US.  I've been fortunate enough to meet a couple of the gals while I was at a convention several years ago.  It was a total fluke...saw a Facebook post from one of the gals about being at the convention.  We ended up meeting the next morning, crying with joy at the opportunity.  Terri, you're a dear and can't wait to see you again!

I have to run...still have much to do before the end of the night.  I leave you with my last 4 pages.
Hope you enjoy!

PS:  My big announcement will be this weekend!  I'm so very excited!

I love this layout!  Orange is not a go to color for me but I must say...this works!

I Stickled the butterfly for some extra pizzazz.
 More Stickles on the leaves.  They just needed something to help them pop!

Beautiful Moments     Definitely did not see this color combo coming on!
 "This one Moment in time will be forever etched in my Memory"

I think I have finally used every butterfly I've collected over the years.  
Then again I may still have more butterflies!

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  1. Ken's making room in the garage...LOL...
    Gorgeous pages...