Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Big Change Heading My Way

Hi All,

I'm getting ready for a big change in my life. Something new is coming that will help me spark that creativity I have burning in the back of my brain!  I can't wait to share it with you, but you'll have to be patient a week or so longer. 

I've been sticking to my index card schedule that I mentioned in my last post.  I cleaned out the linen closet yesterday, made a scrapbook page and checked out a website I had noted several months ago.  I'm in day 5 of this annoying sinus infection and am still feeling a little punk from it.  But today I cleaned out the medicine cabinet, made a 2 page spread and also checked out a grocery website that I've been neglecting for some time.  I'm making headway on my "home bucket list" but it seems to be growing...and growing. 

I did want to make a scrapbook page a day, but if I make a double page layout does that actually count as two pages?  While I'm checking out the websites I've wanted to visit, I'm finding more and more to view.   It's like Pinterest.  You say to yourself, "Self you can sit down for 10 minutes and check your web sites".  The next thing you know an hour or 4 have flown by in the blink of a curser!
Such is life!'s a couple more pages I made.  So if I count each page as one and I want to do a page a day, I'm only 6 pages behind!

Hope you enjoy and remember---Have fun & Stamp on!

I love pearls with black & white!

Used 3 different papers and layered them.

I love this ribbon with the beadwork!

Doilies were inked black, pink just didn't cut it.

 The final spread!


  1. You keep this up and you will be sleeping in the garage...LOVELY...especially the doily. bling, and flower...

  2. Fabulous pages! And looking forward to your "Big Change"!!!