Friday, October 9, 2015

Time Flies

Hi All,

     Can't believe it's been over a week since I posted.  I've been on vacation for the last week...well almost.  I did work on Monday!  Been bee-bopping around with my husband.  Antiquing, indulging, apple picking, fishing, gambling.  Whew...I'm tied just thinking about all the running we've been doing.  Not to mention the medical tests I've got to get done.  The Dr. found a lump under my arm so I was scheduled for a mammo & an ultrasound on Thursday.  Turns out the place I was supposed to go to (won't mention their name) cancelled the ultrasound over a week ago and never told me.  Now I'm scrambling to get it done and soon.  The suspense of what this lump is, well it's making me crazy.

     I've been trying to stay busy to keep my mind off things.  Here are a couple calendar pages I made for a swap.  I picked October as my month as Fall is my favorite time of year and Halloween is a favorite holiday of mine. 

Check out these super cute Owl salt & pepper shakers!
Cracker Barrel...under a buck

Check out my black cat "retro" candle holder. 
Comes with a Skeleton brother & Pumpkin sister!

Thanks for looking! 


  1. You did a "spook" tacular job on those calendars....Can hardly wait to see what you create next...