Monday, September 14, 2015

A Butterfly Beautiful Day

Hi All,

What a beautiful day it was today in NE Ohio. The Monarch butterflies are making their annual winter trek to Mexico. It's a 3000 mile hike from Canada & the US. I've seen so many this past weekend. They are truly stunning insects. I love to watch them float on the wind but I worry that they will get hurt in traffic. I know...sounds kinda silly. They have come very close to flying into
my windshield. I have to remember not to swerve so I don't hit them at the same time I am mesmerized by their flight & beauty. Their favorite plant for nectar is the Milkweed and I hear it's getting scarce. It's a cool plant with dainty orange blossoms and an almost fern-like leaf. I have some in my front yard. It's a perennial and does spread some. Yet I haven't seen a Monarch near it. Not to worry, good things come to those who wait!



  1. I've only seen a few butterflies...They sure are pretty...

  2. Hi Chris, oh that must be such a neat thing to watch! I love butterflies, so graceful and elegant flittering in the winds. Crystal