Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Garden Gems

Hi All,

Even though it's been hot and dry here all summer, we've managed to get some great tomatoes from our small garden.  We planted Roma's, Orange Cherry, Sweet Cherry and low acid yellow tomatoes.  I must say we've been blessed with bounty and have shared our good fortune with family and neighbors.  Even thought the Roma's didn't do so well (got blossom end rot) we did manage to get a couple pounds which are now tucked safely in the freezer as sauce.  I'm looking forward to a nice spaghetti squash with homemade sauce in January of next year.  Here's one of my yellow's...the best looking tomato I've ever seen if I dare say so myself!

Not only did we grow a bounty of these great looking beauties, we are overflowing with cherry tomatoes. Quite a few never make it far from the garden as I eat them while picking em.

We grew green peppers that rivaled the size of the ones in the grocery stores.  First time we've grown any bigger than an apricot.  Managed to get a few lovely eggplants and enough zucchini to make 16 loaves of bread not to mention the ones that were grilled.  Yum!

Carrots, beets and radishes are coming along nicely and will be ready in a few short weeks.  I've started planning of next year's garden and can hardly wait!

Until next time.....
Keep Creative and Blossom!

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