Thursday, May 26, 2016

Under Construction

Hi All,

Seems as if my life has been under construction lately.  After 18 years in my house I am getting a new kitchen...Yippee!  The project that was supposed to take 2-3 weeks has taken almost seven.  Nothing goes smooth during construction.  Like getting your much anticipated glass cabinets with no glass doors.  Counter tops that should have been measured and delivered in 2 weeks took 6.  The best was  the decision about the light over the sink. We couldn't decide in the store so we purchased the two we liked the best and asked every family member and friend who came to visit.   Naturally it was a split decision!  The kitchen is complete now with a modern antique feel, new kitchen items mixed with my family heirlooms.   I absolutely love it!

So my dream kitchen is finally done, however, now I start on the blog pages.  I found a young lady who will be helping me redesign my blog.  She talented an she knows what she is doing!  I'm sure it won't take 7 weeks...LOL!  Once this is up and running, I'll be posting more creations that I've made in my "down time".

Until then...stay happy, healthy & creative!



  1. Can't believe you have down time...You're one busy lady...Looking forward to see what you have created...Me you ask??? I'm looking for Mr. Mojo...He's

  2. It’s always exciting to make new improvements in an important room in your home, such as your kitchen, after seeing it unchanged for many years. Many times in our home renovations have taken much longer than originally anticipated but just be patient because it will all be worth it at the end of the day when all is said and done.